Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As a programmer, the things I get most excited about are usually the things that are the least visible to the player. That said, the AI system is up and running and I think it's really awesome! The framework of the code lets me add AI combinations for specific enemies with just a small array of integers. This lets the decision-making happen really fast, and makes it really fast to add different logics to an enemy. The visibility of the system to the player shouldn't be anything other than having enemies behave the way that players have come to expect (hopefully a little smarter than in some other games). For me, getting this done this quickly is a small triumph.

Under the hood the system works similar to other AI systems I'm sure. It first assesses the current state of the decider, then it uses preset conditions that need to be passed to decide what to do. All of the different conditions currently allow for over 800,000 different combinations to ensure that enemies are always doing something smart. Adding a combination to an enemy takes a single line of code and adding a new condition would only take about ten lines of code. All in all I think it's a really positive start to creating a deep and robust battle experience.

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