Monday, June 27, 2011

First post

This is the first post in the development blog for the InstantLazer game, The Epic of Roderick. This post is really just a test of how this blog works and whatnot. Chances are no one will even see this for quite a while, but what's a blog without a first post?

If for some reason you have found this before about July 8th or so, I will be using this blog to write about the development of the above mentioned game. The Epic of Roderick is our endeavor to create the first iRPG. There are some decent kRPGs, a few good jRPG ports, and one or two wRPGs, on the iPhone. What the iPhone doesn't have, however, is an RPG designed specifically for it.

The beautifully made Ash takes steps towards the creation of an iRPG, and it is definitely recommended if you haven't played it. We believe that we can go much further with an RPG made specifically for the iPhone, and that's what we're trying to do with TEoR. This blog will probably reveal a lot of the features that make TEoR special, but not quite yet. The first thing will be to let potential players in to the development process, specifically the development of enemy AI.

Look for more some time after the July 4th weekend, as I begin to develop the enemy AI. I'm excited to start getting information out to prospective players and RPG fans.

Again, I don't expect anyone here just yet, but if you do stumble upon this, please comment and let me know.

  -Zach aka "Lazer"
Lead Developer for The Epic of Roderick

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